Family Room Built-ins with Solid Surface Counter Top

Havertown, PA

Our client had just finished a renovation and asked us to create custom built-in to serve as a desk and for storage. After looking at numerous wood veneer samples, they settled on black Walnut pared with figured Eucalyptus. The Eucalyptus wood is amonia fumed to give it a deep, dark chocolate tone. 

The solid surface countertop has a recessed power / USB C pack cut in. The project resulted in a piece that looks like it was always there. Home. Reclaimed has another happy client.


  • Solid White Oak counter top 
  • Walnut and fumed and figured Eucalyptus wood 
  • Recessed power and USB C strip 
  • Brass and wrought iron drawer pulls

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@ Copyright 2024. Home. Reclaimed. LLC


@ Copyright 2024. Home. Reclaimed. LLC